Job title: Barista
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Salary type: Annual
Job published: 2019-06-20
Job ID: 32236

Job Description

We are looking for Barista (Full-Time / Part-Time) who can provide excellent customer service, quality coffee and beverages. If you are someone who has a strong passion for coffee, responsible and a team player , we welcome you to join us. 

  • Provide friendly and prompt customer services when taking orders and serving beverages.
  • Sells and serves baked goods and miscellaneous food items to customers.
  • Able to calibrate the grinders and make beverages such as espresso /cappuccino /latte.
  • Ensure the cleanliness of work station adhere to food safety guidelines.
  • Observe safe work procedures when handling coffee equipment.
  • Provide positive customer experience.

Skills Required

  • Grinding, Dosing and Tamping
  • Extraction and Brewing
  • Milk Techniques
  • Cleaning, Maintenance and Trouble-shooting of Coffee Machine

Job requirements

  • At least 1 year experience working in similar capacity or similar field.
  • N level/ relevant certificate in the related position
  • Passionate about coffee making
  • Able to multi-tasks

The Barista operates in the front-of-house operations to take orders and ring sales order into the cash register. He/She prepares blended and cold drinks according to the company's drink recipes and procedures. He/She weighs, grinds and packs coffee as per customer's orders. He/She sells and serves baked goods and miscellaneous food items to customers. He/She is required to provide positive customer experience.



~ Facilitate effective communication and engagement at the workplace. 
~ Establish relationships for customer confidence. 
~ Facilitate effective work teams. 
~ Follow food and beverage safety and hygiene policies and procedures. 
~ Interact with and serve guests. 
~ Maintain food and beverage service environment. 
~ Maintain workplace safety and health policies and procedures. 
~ Manage productivity improvement. 
~ Prepare and serve cold beverages. 
~ Prepare and serve hot beverages. 
~ Prepare for beverage service. 
~ Provide specialty coffee service. 
~ Solve problems and make decisions at supervisory level. 
~ Supervise quality procedures.